App for iOS Devices - Welland Power Live

App for iOS Devices - Welland Power Live

Welland Power Live - the New iOS app for iPhone and  iPad has been launched by Welland Power. The new app features a range of tools and marketing material for dealers, customers and industry participants.
Welland Power live is available from the App Store to down load on all devices running on iOS 12 and above.
Hosted on AWS Cloud, our app interfaces with our previous IT investment in SAP Business One, which you can read about here if you missed it!
Features such as generator sizing, support on Welland Power products, serial number management and access to the Welland Power Portal are also included. Look out for updates over the coming weeks adding even more functionality to our App.
You can download the App from the App Store Here.

The AP was created to assist both dealers, consultants and technically capable end users. One of the greatest problems in the generator industry is the under sizing and oversizing of generators in relation to their required application.


Welland Power is aware that the decision for the end user to purchase a Diesel Generator represents a significant investment and if that machine is not correctly sized it can very quickly become a purchase that can be regretted.


If a machine is not of a high enough rating to power the equipment you require then it will obviously be an issue but it is also true that if a machine is oversized then low load issues with the engine such as Bore Glazing and Sump ingression caused by failure of the piston rings to seal.


The correct load level for a Generator is for the machine to be working as much as possible within 75 – 100 percent of its Prime load capacity, moving in to its standby range for short periods of high demand.


The way to achieve this is to ensure that the load is correctly calculated and the loading order under consideration of motor starting loads is properly considered and calculated.


The Welland Power AP will assist significantly in this process with the inbuilt generator sizing tool. Items can be added in their starting order and their Motor load type, power factor starting and running KVA can all be inputted to accurately calculate the starting load and running load to identify the appropriate sized Welland Power generator for the application.


In addition to the generator sizing tool the AP contains many functions that will allow the customer greater first hand support from Welland Power. The customer will be able to check stock levels of engines, alternators and complete machines to ascertain real lead times even if they are in the meeting with a customer discussing the options.


In time it is anticipated that the full Welland Power spares stock including shipping to the user’s destination will be accessible and available to order.


The Ap will also include marketing materials, pictures and links to videos from the Welland back catalogue. This will include technical support and short cuts to frequently asked technical questions, trouble shooting, specification sheets as well as articles of interest. Where a technical query is outside the framework of the Welland Power frequently asked questions then the Welland Power AP will allow a user to connect directly and in real time to a Welland Power technical consultant who will be able to assist them with their query.


Head of technical Support – Jonathan Palgrave said – ‘ We are really excited by the new Welland Power AP, we are hopeful that it will really assist both the customer and ourselves in identifying the correct Welland Power product for the correct application. In addition the technical support section of the AP allows us to support the customer much quicker and easier with their technical enquiries’.






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