Brexit turmoil boosts sales at Welland Power.

Brexit turmoil boosts sales at Welland Power.


On May the 24th 2019 Theresa May announced her resignation as conservative party leader and her intention to stand down as Prime Minister of the UK.

Despite several attempts at offering her E.U withdrawal bill to parliament it had become apparent it was not to be accepted by MP's.

Her resignation as Prime Minister put the UK into an elevated state of uncertainty and confusion over the likely outcome of Brexit.

Whilst Theresa May had advocated a withdrawal agreement and an agreed deal between the UK and EU over Brexit, her likely successor, Boris Johnson, would not be drawn on giving such assurances.

At the time of writing this article, the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson whilst outwardly maintaining a desire to reach a deal with the E.U; continues to re-iterate that the UK will leave on the 31st October deadline whether a deal can be achieved or not. This has resulted in calls for a vote of no confidence in his leadership, openly discussed options for the opposition to legislate against No deal and a proroguing of parliament viewed by many as a thinly veiled attempt to subvert democracy.

Whichever side of the Brexit debate you reside, the one thing generally agreed is that the parliamentary discourse in the UK over Brexit is at the highest level in living memory.

In terms of how this has affected the UK currency, then the picture is clear. From a high in May 2019 of 1.31 GBP/USD to lows  this month of 1.20 GBP/USD the UK currency has fallen nearly 10% against the dollar.

For Welland Power this has meant that in very real terms the products we offer our international customers has appeared significantly cheaper (UP to 10%) in comparison to our international competitors. For many of our customers it has never been cheaper to buy British Manufactured products such as those found at Welland Power.

The competitiveness of Welland Power is bolstered even further by the limited amount of parts we source from abroad. With UK manufactured engines, alternators, controllers and in house designed and built canopies and base frames Welland Power has not suffered from a rising cost of importing.

Managing Director Charlie Farrow said:

' Obviously any British export business is more competitive with a fall in the value of the pound but for many this is offset with greater costs of parts sourced from abroad. Many elements of the manufacturing process such as canopies and base frames are imported by our UK based competitors and this has ensured that we not only look better value against other international manufacturers but also now significantly cheaper than our UK competitors'

One thing is certain, in the last 3 months things have never been busier at Welland Power.

Wherever you source your generators Welland Power is the option to consider and right now is one of the most cost effective options for your power solutions anywhere in the world.

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