Cummins Generator Technologies - Global Management Team

Cummins Generator Technologies - Global Management Team

Today, 2nd October 2017, Welland Power is hosting the management team of Cummins Generator Technologies , part of Cummins Inc. at the company's head office in Spalding, Lincolnshire. The meeting provided a fantastic opportunity to discuss all elements of the business between Welland Power and Cummins, as well as global trends, future prospects and product development.

Meetings such as these have become a regular occurrence between department heads of the two organisations but it is still a rarity to welcome an entire management team of a truly global company to Welland Power headquarters.

The Cummins Generator Technologies international management team meeting is held annually in different locations throughout the world, the management team this year choosing to meet at the Stamford AVK head office premises in Peterborough. In addition to their annual board meeting the directors and management team requested the opportunity to meet with a significant UK customer to which Welland Power was suggested. The Managing Director of Welland Power - Charlie Farrow was delighted to extend the invitation and a welcoming committee from Welland Power was arranged to meet the delegation.

Since 2014 Welland Power has largely focused upon the Stamford AVK alternators which are a division of Cummins Generator Technologies. The Stamford name is synonymous with a reliable and quality power product in line with the brand values of Welland Power. By streamlining the number of alternator brands offered in the standard product, Welland Power's customers have benefited in reduced production costs and improved quality.

The locality of Stamford and the shared history of companies who can trace over a hundred years of history in South Lincolnshire was another factor in the decision taken by Welland Power to offer largely exclusively the Stamford Alternators. 

The Cummins Diesel engines, although not exclusively used by Welland Power in the product range also provide the power plants for a significant number of Welland Power orders and remain the standard bearer of quality for some international markets who value and insist on the quality of a Cummins Diesel engine.

Meetings such as this were a key factor in the decision and the close working relationship with Cummins Generator Technologies and Stamford Avk is hard to monetarily quantify in terms of its importance. By having regular interaction in relation to market direction, product development and consultation for bespoke and elaborate manufacturing options both Welland Power and Cummins Generator Technology customers benefit in the long run.

At the meeting was Scott Strudwick, Cristi Rila (GM AvK), Trevor French (Director Global marketing & Strategy), Shreyas Patel (GM Americas) , Soh Leng Leng (GM APAC), Bruce Chen (GM China), Bhalchandra Karmarkar (GM India), Guy Baxter (CPG global account manager), Pete Harrison (Global order management leader), Michael McWilliams (Welland Power Account Manager), James Connell (GM, EMEA) as well as Welland Power MD Charlie Farrow and Sales Manager Oliver Peacock.

Scott Strudwick also presented Welland Power with an award for our business across the last 70 years, delivering out products to over 100 countries, such as Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Angola, South Africa, Lebanon and the UAE.

Head of international sales for Welland Power - Oliver Peacock (who chaired the meeting) said - ' We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to welcome the senior management team of a global brand such as 'Cummins Generator Technologies'. We know the direction we want to take Welland Power and we have aggressive and exciting plans with where we can take the business in the future. Meetings such as this, where we have the opportunity to discuss our plans with people managing a global brand who are excited and supportive of what we want to achieve is brilliant. Our relationship with Stamford Avk alternators is one of the most important supplier relationships Welland Power has and it is great to see its not only appreciated on both sides of the relationship but is going from strength to strength'

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