Welland Invests in Schleuniger PS9550M

Welland Invests in Schleuniger PS9550M

Welland Power, a manufacturer of UK diesel generators and winner of the Queens Award has purchased Schleuniger PS9550M Automatic Cut and Strip Machine from Turner Electronics. This machine is capable of cutting and stripping cables up to 70mm2, in almost any length. Turner electronics supplied, delivered and installed the machine to the Welland UK factory in Spalding, Lincolnshire. They also provided full training and support for the product, which is used in the production of wiring looms and battery cables for the Welland Power range of diesel generators. Along with the PS9550, Welland also purchased two additional accessories, a Schleuniger PF3200 Puller Type Pre-feeding Machine and a Wiedenbach CS405 Inkjet Marker. The former aids when cutting and stripping large cables and the latter enabled the cables to have cable numbers printed onto the surface of the cable before it passes through the main machine.


In order to produce their range of UK made generators with Baudouin engines  and Perkins generator engines, Welland use a lot of precision equipment. They have a range of CNC Amada machines and several other fully automatic production stations. The purchase of the Schleuniger PS9550M, brings automation to the control panel and wiring division, which has previously done all this work by hand. Welland anticipate that this investment in automatic cutting and stripping will reduce waste, improve quality and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Managing Director of Welland Power, Charlie Farrow, said “Welland have contacted Turner Electronics for various projects and they have consistently delivered an outstanding level of service. This project was no different and the production team are extremely happy with the delivery and installation. We would certainly recommend Turner Electronics to anyone considering purchasing cable stripping or crimping equipment. Welland selected this particular model due to its reliability, high performance and precision. There are a lot of alternative manufacturers of cable solutions, but when buying high value capital goods, you need to buy from people who can offer the level of support and service you need to maintain the machine for the duration of its life. Turner Electronics have a long history of supplying and supporting Schleuniger machines and this gave Welland Power confidence to purchase from them.  For future requirements we will continue to continue to buy from Turner Electronics and their range of high quality machinery to produce our high-quality products. Diesel generators are a high value capital item like Schleuniger equipment and it is important to ensure that we produce the best UK generators possible to compete against manufacturers in other countries such as China and Turkey. It’s great to see another piece of automation come into the Welland factory. This machine will increase our productivity in this department, meaning shorter lead-times for our customers.”

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