Welland Power Factory Developments - Stage One

Welland Power Factory Developments - Stage One

Welland Power continues to invest in the company's manufacturing infrastructure to further benefit our customers by nearly doubling the size of the Cley lake factory.

Welland Power has expanded the production facility by a further 22000 square feet following the vacation of factory 2 at Welland business park by a local flower producer.

Welland Power purchased Welland business park in 2010 and initially occupied roughly 50% of the site, renting out large sections of the park to other companies.

Over the intervening 9 years Welland Power has experienced exponential growth and when the opportunity became available the decision to expand the operation further was taken.

The current production area is being expanded to enable the extraordinary growth at Welland Power to continue.  Walls have been removed and an area of floor is being replaced, strengthened and levelled.  This is in preparation for a new Overhead Gantry Crane to be installed, creating a 5th assembly bay capable of producing the entire Welland Power range including the largest 2500 Kva machines produced by Perkins UK and Cummins generator technologies.

The expansion work has become necessary due to the extraordinary increase in sales that has been experienced over recent years.  This will ensure customers will not have to wait too long for their orders, whether that be an order for 2 or an order for 100 units. Welland Power is no longer considered a small specialist in the Power Generation industry but a major player in the power generation market and one of the largest UK manufacturers. Further expansion of the facility will push the factory into the premier league of manufacturers able to deliver massive order quantities within short time frames.

The extra floor space will not only allow Welland Power to significantly increase the production capacity for the facility but also hold an unrivalled stock level of Perkins UK engines and Stamford Avk alternators. This will allow Welland Power to literally pull everything from stock for the majority of orders, as such the production lead times from initial conversation to shipping will be exponentially reduced.

The expansion of the facility will allow the company to hold up to $7000000 worth of engines and alternators which will be used to supply the factory as well as other smaller manufacturers around the globe who now buy complete knockdown units direct from Welland Power.

Many smaller manufacturers do not have the capacity to hold the level of stock found at Welland Power and a large proportion of machines that are now built by other manufacturers are with components initially sourced from Welland Power.

This first stage of development work, costing approximately $60,000, is another sign of the investment by Welland Power to ensure our Customers are always put first

 Managing Director Charlie Farrow said ' When we moved into Welland business park in 2010 it was a huge site in comparison to what we had at the Cranmore Lane factory in Holbeach and at the time it felt like we would never be able to fully utilise it. Yet today we are pleased to be nearly doubling the size of that factory again. Welland Power has grown to a level that could never had been imagined and this has been achieved through incredible hard work and a determination to invest back into the business whenever there is an opportunity to do so. The expansion of the factory and the stock levels we now maintain is a real statement of intent from Welland Power and our determination to be the dominant UK manufacturer of Diesel and Gas Powered Generators.' 

If you would like to enquire about Welland Power and our range of Diesel and gas Powered generators please contact the factory directly on:

01775 888888


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