Welland Power News - Continued growth into 2019

Welland Power News - Continued growth into 2019

Welland Power continues to grow its international trade relationships. Something recognised with the company winning the 2018 Queens award for International Trade and Industry.


With 70 years’ experience in the industry, Welland Power offers its products worldwide, having supplied to more than 100 countries across the globe in a range of climates.

With all our processes at our UK site, our customers can depend on our UK quality while benefiting from our extensive scale to help match their contracted requirements. Our professional and friendly team build long lasting, sustainable relationships that enable our customers to build and grow their businesses hand in hand with ours.

In the first quarter of 2019 Welland Power shipped machines to over 50 countries worldwide. With pre-orders and ongoing builds well into 2019 planned.

Managing Director Charlie Farrow said:

'Over the years Welland Power has shipped machines to every corner of the globe, we have core markets for our machines and we remain fully committed to them but our growth is fuelled by supporting and expanding our dealers in new territories'

Would you be interested in partnering with the fastest growing UK leader in the field of Power Generation?

Welland Power actively seeks to work with dealers worldwide. Could the Welland Power product be your key to success?

Success we can build together?




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