Welland Power - building bespoke Gas powered generators

Welland Power - building bespoke Gas powered generators

Welland Power in conjunction with its part owned subsidiary Regency Power is proud to have been chosen as the preferred manufacturer and supplier of 2 500KVA sound attenuated lean burn PERKINS gas powered machines for the UK ministry of defence.
Managing Director of Regency Power UK Pedro Araujo said -
'by working directly with a manufacturer such as Welland Power we are able to offer so much more than standard diesel product, both myself and my staff pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the UK's standby power industry, we specialise in turnkey and bespoke solutions for many UK and multi national companies. We have partnered with many companies but working with Welland Power is a complete revelation! No other UK manufacturer we have ever worked with has had the capabilities or flexibility of Welland Power, with every single part of the build handled on one site by experts and with the installation and ongoing servicing handled by ourselves at Regency, I believe we have a world class Gas product and support system for our customers.'
These machines currently in build not only meet all the UK regulatory requirements but  also include bespoke remote radiators with electric powered cooling. 
With several 500KVA Regency lean burn gas units in production, 2 more lean burn units to follow this month, together with an ongoing consultation for a 10 MegaWatt gas power plant for North Africa, Gas power is very much the here and now for Welland Power and our partners.

The Welland Power gas generators use Perkins Gas series engines which bring benefits that could make them the ideal choice for a variety of different applications. Welland Power utilises the Perkins Gas engines not simply because of their brand recognition, they are durable, reliable, serviceable and easy to maintain. Perkins Gas engines have a big advantage over competitor products – they come with a very competitive initial purchase price and give you low lifetime cost of ownership.

Regency Power, in conjunction with Welland Power retain a dedicated UK gas team who are available to give customers  tailored gas generator product support solutions for the Perkins 4000 Series gas engines. Welland Power dealers are in place across our territories to offer specialist assistance and support in other countries.

Free gas

Perkins gas engines' other key advantage over competitor product is that their engines employ relatively simple technology. That means you can use a variety of different gases, and the engines can be customised to suit the gas you have available. 

In many applications the Welland Power Perkins Gas 4000 Series Generator uses gas that in many cases is free – from landfill sites and bio-digesters, for example. Using the gases from these sources is more environmentally-friendly than using diesel. If the gases weren’t used to power engines, they would simply be flared off into the atmosphere.

Reducing costs

Welland Power produced Gas and Diesel powered generators are used in hotels, hospitals and manufacturing operations to generate electricity – both prime and standby. 

In comparison to diesel however, gas power can be a significant cost reduction for a business and, in many cases, providing a source of revenue when surplus electricity is sold to the grid.

Regency Power Managing Director - Pedro Araujo said ' It is critical when specifying a unit to provide your power generation that you consider the life time cost of the machine. A gas powered machine will have a higher initial cost to its equivalent Kva rated Diesel machine but over the lifetime of the machine the savings are often hundreds of thousands of pounds and in one or two cases have been millions of pounds. Gas is a fantastic option for many clients'

Direct contact

Whatever your requirements, Welland Power can provide the Gas Powered solution.

We are able to manufacture diesel and gas powered generators for all types of applications, and are delighted to offer “rich burn” gas units for the standby market. # hashtaggenerators hashtagmanufacture hashtagprojects
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