Welland Power Purchase SAP Business One

Welland Power Purchase SAP Business One

Welland Power Limited is pleased to announce the purchase of SAP Business One software and licenses. Purchasing the licenses is the first step in our project to roll out SAPB1 across the whole organization, allowing Welland Power to plan and move forwards on a solid IT platform.  

For the last 8 Year Welland Power has been operating on an in house designed software package that has been the back bone of the company processes. Following the recent growth of Welland Power however, the management team (recognising the limitations of the current software) were pleased to announce the switch to SAP Business One.

SAP Business One will be hosted on the Welland Power cloud infrastructure within AWS, allowing for future scalability while providing a secure and robust platform. The SAP Business One project is expected to cost in excess of $100,000 over the next 12 months.

SAP Business One is a scalable business management system that provides complete visibility and control across all core elements of your business.

For Welland Power this should manifest as full real time integration between all departments. The Sales team will be able to quote out more realistic time frames for manufacture with real time stock control and the manufacturing process will result in little to no hold ups with a real time stock and bill of materials for each set.

The SAP business One software will also provide the basis to track all previous quotations and builds. This will allow Welland Power to provide seamless spares support as the company will have a full and archived record of every single part included in the build of any particular generating set all available from the supply of a serial number. In addition a customer will be able to not only validate and authenticate their machine in real time but also download any relevant records in relation to the generating set, such as certificates of authenticity and test reports.

The integration of the company through the SAP system will drive greater efficiency for Welland Power. Using one system from initial conversation with a customer, through quotation, design, manufacturing, invoicing, payment and aftercare will ensure not only a seem less transition of process for the customer but also real time progress tracking and business reporting for the organisation.

The implementation of SAP will allow the management team at Welland Power to look at the stock situation, production situation and cash flow of the company not only in real time but also through simultaneous and connected management reporting. This it is anticipated will allow the Management team at Welland Power to focus available money to drive greater efficiency and product improvement for the customers. 

Customer dash boards, bills of materials, time related reports and financial reports of all and every kind will be instantly available for the first time in the company's history and at a crucial stage in the transition from medium sized to large sized enterprise.

Managing Director Charlie Farrow stated - ' We have spent the last 12 months consulting with people at every level of the business at Welland Power to ensure we engaged with a company that could deliver not only the system that we think we want for the company's day to day running now but also to be a tool to help drive growth for the future. We firmly believe that SAP business one will not only bring immediate efficiencies but will be key to driving the company's growth and then maintaining it for the future'.

The integration and then training of staff in the new system will be a huge undertaking for Welland Power but one that Charlie fundamentally believes as critical to the future growth of the business.

Welland Power's SAP Business One project is expected to go-live on the 1st April 2015.



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