Welland Purchase Amada LC2415 Alpha 3 CNC Laser

Welland Power are pleased to announce they have purchased, installed and commissioned an Amada LC 2415 CNC Laser. The laser, capable of cutting 12mm steel is a 4kW CO2 laser, with a Fanuc controller. Capable of cutting a range of ferrous materials, such as Hot and Cold rolled steel as well as Zintec and galvanized sheets, with both oxygen and nitrogen assist gas, the laser enables Welland to manufacture its own canopy panels, base frames and control panels in house.

The laser is also equipped with an MP300 sheet loader, providing the automated loading and unloading of steel sheets up to 6mm thick in sizes up to 3m x 1m, allowing the laser to run unattended.

This investment of over $250,000 will enhance our in-house capability and demonstrates the investment Welland are committing to a sustainable future.



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