21 Diesel Generators For UK Rental Company

21 Diesel Generators For UK Rental Company

Welland Power are proud to have built 21 Diesel Generators for one of the largest Rental companies in the UK. The machines are not standard Welland Power product and were designed to the specific requirements of the customer. Welland Power's in house production and design allowed this to happen and all within a very impressive time frame.

The order was for a mixture of Perkins Powered 60kVA, 80kVA and 100kVA Diesel Generators.

These have been built with a mixture of Tier 3A Emissions Compliant Perkins Diesel Engines; 1104D-44TAG2, 1104D-44TG3 and 1104D-44TAG1.

Coupled to ECP34-2S, ECP32-2M and ECP32-4L Mecc Alte Alternators.

The customer detailed a bespoke specification and was very pleased by Welland Power's ability to meet the specification with ease. The machines were designed around a unique base frame, which allowed them to not only be lifted from the side but also the rear. This was key to the customer, who wished the machines to be able to be fitted into a tight area. Other unique attributes for these machines included an external fuel level sensor so that the machine could sense the fuel level of a variety of fuel tanks to which it may be connected to during its working life span; as well as a built in hand crank pump to ease and facilitate oil changes.

The in-house design team headed by Welland Power's Head of Design Tom Ekin and industry leading fabrication equipment gave the customer full confidence in Welland Power and made this project possible.

Tom Ekin said ' For most of our competitors I would imagine a project like this would be a real challenge. For the large multi national producers, a bespoke order such as this is incredibly difficult as it deviates from a standard production, for the smaller manufacturers I would imagine the co-ordination of external suppliers of base frames, canopies and bespoke design could be an absolute nightmare. Here at Welland Power though, it's the sort of project we absolutely love. Both myself and the rest of my design team thrive on these sort of projects and the ability to literally instantly prototype and have the design realised in hours is awesome. We never have anything shipped in that is unsuitable or delayed because everything happens literally within 100 metres of where we design it.'

Welland Power is without doubt the most capable UK manufacturer for projects such as these. Despite being a very sizeable company, Welland Power is a family owned and reactive business. The company is proud of its ability to be flexible in its approach and can react quickly to deliver projects in time frames the largest world manufacturers cannot even consider. In addition Welland Power is the only UK based company that handles every part of the design and manufacturing process on site including both steel work and powder coating. This coupled with the unique location of Welland Power (within 20 miles of key engine and  alternator suppliers) means the company is the most capable and reactive manufacturer the UK has to offer for bespoke builds.

Managing Director Charlie Farrow said : ' This is the start of a sizeable contract for Welland Power. Due to confidentiality clauses I cannot divulge the end user but it is one of the largest site equipment rental companies in the UK. The initial feedback we have from them is fantastic. 8 years ago we really gambled and invested into the company during a period of economic downturn. We brought all production in house, expanded the factory and invested a huge amount in new staff, training and machinery. Projects such as this are the reason we did it. The Staff at Welland Power have excelled themselves in delivering this project and I firmly believe in the time frame it was done we are the only UK company that could have done it.'

If you need a Diesel or gas powered generator, whether it is a standard construction or of bespoke design like these, contact Welland Power today.

Competitive on price, delivery time frames and capable of delivering any potential  design brief Welland Power is the first place to consider for your power generation needs.


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