First Fill Now Included On All Welland Power Canopy Specifications

First Fill Now Included On All Welland Power Canopy Specifications

Welland Power are constantly reviewing the design, innovation and manufacturing processes of the Welland Power Diesel Generator Range. After consultation with many of our distributors we have now begun to offer a first fill on all specifications.

First fill will remain optional on open type specifications, however will now be as standard on a canopy.

Welland Power are very confident that the canopies we manufacture and supply our silent sets in are a high quality and offer a very secure housing for your diesel generator sets. Welland Power believe that even in the tightest fitting container customers can be confident that the Welland Power Canopy specification will offer protection for the fuel tank and radiator, so that there is no need to drain coolant from the radiator and Diesel Engine Oil from the sump.

All Welland Power first fills use genuine Perkins 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil and Extended Life Coolant. Many of our customers have asked for the diesel generators to be supplied with first fill included to save them both time and money.

As part of the routine Welland Power manufacturing process, upon completion of the production each Welland Power Diesel Generator is tested. This test requires for each diesel generator to have coolant and diesel engine oil added to them. By removing the requirement for Welland Power to then drain the coolant and oil from the sets after testing, we are passing this reduced cost as a further discount to the customer. All in all, the standard first fill will be a massive advantage to both our manufacturing process and customer.

Unlike many manufacturers Welland Power only use genuine Perkins Extended Life Coolant and Perkins 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil. Similarly, Welland Power would advise to only use genuine parts and products to safeguard the longevity of your Welland Power Diesel Generator and the international Perkins warranty it comes with.

For more information regarding Perkins Extended Life coolant please click HERE and for further information about Perkins 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil please click HERE.

Monitoring and Managing the oil levels and coolant levels is imperative in any diesel generator. An engine that is in good condition will use less oil than one that is old and/or badly maintained.

For more information regarding Oil Consumption in an engine, please see our technical support articles.

The inclusion of first fill is just one of many tweeks and changes that the Welland Power design team has introduced. Managing Director Charlie Farrow states;

“It is vitally important for Welland to offer a high quality product at an affordable price to our customers. First fill is just one of many changes that we have made to our products after consultation with our customers. We invite both positive and negative feedback from our customers about any of our products, and realistically if someone has an idea that will improve our product in their market then sure we will look into it. For the example of first fill, it just made sense to offer it to everyone, as it is something that needs to be done for a set to be used.”

The Welland Power sales team are regularly in conversation with their customers and distributors, understanding the value of feedback. Other examples of changes made to a previously standard design are the adaptation of canopies and bases to fit into containers better. Similarly fuel tank sizes have been adjusted to reach a capacity convenient for most requirements. Welland are continually developing their sets, with head of design Tom Ekins currently working on stainless steel designs for tougher environments for example coastal regions.

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