Welland Power Upgrade Their Standard Controller

Welland Power Upgrade Their Standard Controller

Welland Power are delighted to announce that all of their Welland Power Diesel Generators now come complete with a DSE 7320(ii) Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module as standard. This controller will be used on all ranges of Welland Power Diesel Generators, including their Perkins Diesel Generator Range and Baudouin Diesel Generator Range.

Welland Power are the first UK manufacturer to offer this control panel as the standard module. The DSE 7320(ii) will directly replace the DSE 7120(ii) used on the existing range.

By introducing the DSE7320(ii) as the standard controller Welland Power are confident that their range of diesel generators meet the desirable specification that the world market demands, allowing users to programme and choose preferential options freely and easier than before. 

The DSE7320(ii) boasts the following features:

- 3-Phase Generator and Mains (Utility) Sensing

- Power Monitoring, providing clear accurate power measurement information.

- Can be configured for use as a remote display module.

- Support for up to three remote display units, providing the option to mimic the main module up to 1.2km away.

- Heated Display Option to ensure the display continues to operate in extreme cold weather conditions.

- Oil Pressure disconnect delay, delaying the crank disconnect on oil pressure to compensate for cold oil.

- Remote Communications (RS232 & RS485) providing secure and simple off site monitoring.

- Configurable Inputs/Outputs allowing multiple installation options. In total there are 8 configurable inputs and outputs, including 6 digital inputs. 

- CAN and Magnetic Pick Up Sensing, making the module ideal for standard and electronic engine applications.

- Fuel Usage Monitor and Low Level Alarms, tracking the amount of fuel being used and sounding an alarm if parameters are reached.

- Manual/Automatic Load Transfer, ensuring the load can be transferred manually/automatically between mains and generator power.

- Mains (Utility) and Generator Breaker Alarms, required to ensure the closed transition function operates correctly.

- Configurable Display Languages, ensuring that the control module is suitable for worldwide use, with English and 6 alternative languages able to stored in the control module.

- Integral PLC editor, ensuring additional applications are easy to integrate in to the system.

- Flexible Sender Inputs, allows alternative sender types to be selected using one input.

- DSE Configuration Suite PC Software, providing complete user friendly configuration and easy to use high level system control and monitoring.

- Configurable Event Log, providing access to 250 historical and operational status.

- Load Switching, Shedding and Dummy Load Outputs, allowing load options and dummy load requirements to be independently controlled.

Welland Power allow the option for upgrades or additions to the controller with many expansion modules available from Deep Sea.

In recent months Welland Power have worked with distributors on providing diesel generators with remote monitoring capabilities. The general trend that Welland Power are experiencing is an increased demand for a higher specification with increased capability and potential for expansion. For example, by adding the expansion of a DSE890 - 3G (GSM)/Ethernet DSEWebNet Gateway multiple users can simultaneously access and communicate with the connected DSE7320(ii) module. This allows for easy remote monitoring of a generator set wherever it may be. 

Welland Power will be offering the DSE7320(ii) as standard on all future orders. One additional way this will be an improvement for Welland Power, is that all open and canopy sets now  will use the same wiring harnesses, which had previously varied by set. This is a big advantage to the electrical team at Welland Power and will have a positive effect on production time.

Charlie Farrow, Director of Welland Power, said: "We are continually reviewing, adapting and progressing our design with consultation from our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a premium, high-quality diesel generator at an affordable price. Our customers put faith into us to provide a good product, and we feel it is important to offer the best controller available."



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