Back through 1980's with Newage Stamford Alternators!

Back through 1980's with Newage Stamford Alternators!

Welland Diesel Generators - All the way back (nearly!)

Welland Power today is an international business, supplying Diesel and Gas powered generators to the entire world. The company itself has a rich heritage and history stretching back over 100 years in South Lincolnshire where the story began with the Farrow family’s first foray into the production and modification of a range of industrial machinery. 

Today the Farrow family is still very much in charge with the sixth generation currently running the business with Managing Director Charles Lloyd Farrow at the helm. 

From 1910 until 1950 the family specialised in the manufacture and the modification of industrial farm machinery and irrigation systems. Working through 2 world wars and supplying the war effort for the UK ultimately brought growth and prosperity, culminating in the incorporation of Welland Engineering Co Ltd on the 7th March 1950.

Welland Power - Over 70 years in the making!

Here are three of the photos we have pulled from our archives from the 1980's showing some of our products. That's 40 years ago! Welland Power used to be branded as Wellux! It was very rare to have any sound attenuation on a generator back in 1980, there were no noise regulations for machinery in our export markets. Customers would build small buildings to house their products in and keep them dry - much cheaper generally than fitting an enclosure in the UK and much more secure!.

The pictures


Image One

This first image is of a Welland Diesel generator, coupled to a Newage Stamford UCI series alternator. This was a design specifically built for one customer at their request and painted in their colours. You can't see the colour in this photo because its so old, but the base was white and the set was a metallic grey. Wellux - the brand used then is boldly shown on the base.

wellandpower volvo stamford alternator

Image 2

Another generator - you can see the Wellux brand  again, fixed to the alternator. This metallic blue was for a long time referred to as "Welland blue" internally and by our customers. It was used for many years, from the late 80's to the mid 2000's, when painting generator engines generally stopped. Perkins as an engine supplier used to apply clear lacquer to their engines and therefore they no longer required a coat of paint, so this died out due to the cost and lack of a benefit for the customer.

wellandpower volvo with stamford hci alternator

Image 3

A stalwart of the engine world! A Lister TR3 engine. These are still manufactured today in the UK. The Lister TR engines were coupled to a Stamford BCA alternator - the A standing for air cooled and it was made specifically for the lister engine. There was also a Lister engine called the Alpha - still made today - which had another BC variant that was made specifically for it, the BCL! The BCI was the normal machine that had a standard SAE adapter fitted.

lister petter with stamford bci alternator

Very few companies have the heritage of UK based manufacturing that is found at Welland Power. Over the years Welland Power has literally produced tens of thousand of machines, many of which are still in use today.

Welland Power still produces every set in the UK and the brand still stands for high quality UK manufacturing at competitive pricing. Today we still produce machines using the very best engines from Perkins UK, Lister UK and Cummins UK with Stamford Avk alternators. Just as we have always done!

If you would like to enquire about any Welland Power product please contact our sales department to discuss the current range:

01775 888888 


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