Rift Valley Machinery Supply Diesel Generators to Kenya

Rift Valley Machinery Supply Diesel Generators to Kenya

Welland Power is pleased to celebrate the continued success and partnership with a long standing partner and stockist, Kenyan based Rift Valley Machinery.

Rift Valley has been a partner of Welland Power for nearly 30 years and continues to be the sole distributor for Welland Power Perkins generator machines in Kenya.

This month Welland will ship 30 machines to Rift Valley ranging from 8 Kva to 250 Kva. These machines will not only be to fulfil customer orders but will also be held as stock to be able to supply customers with product immediately.

For the latest order the most popular machine is the WP45 using the Perkins 1103A-33TG1 and the Stamford S1l2-N1 Alternator with 20 machines soon to be going to Kenya.

The continued success of Welland Power products and Rift Valley machinery is a shining beacon for what can be achieved through a partnership with Welland Power.

Welland Power is an established brand across east Africa, regularly selling machines in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia.

If you are in any of these territories and would like to explore the potential benefits of a dealership / re seller agreement with Welland Power do not hesitate to contact the company.



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