Welland Power supplies power for Smart Homes

Welland Power supplies power for Smart Homes

Welland Power has completed the production of a container of non-standard specifications for one of their distributors in Palestine.

The generators have been produced with an optional PMG upgrade on the Stamford UCI series alternators and a Deep Sea 7420 control module and reflashed DSE 7320 to DSE 2520 mimic module to allow remote monitoring and maintenance.

A permanent magnet generator output is isolated from disturbances on the main output producing an uninterrupted 3-phase waveform. It is particularly beneficial in environments where there has been a problem with voltage waveform distortion. 

Waveform distortions are common power problems that cause equipment to malfunction and sources of power to overload. 

The PMG excitation system has a number of benefits for both motor starting and non-linear loading situations such as:

- Providing sustained short circuit current during fault conditions.

- Powerful voltage build up on initial start up instead of relying on residual magnetism.

The DSE7420 control panel is an intelligent, powerful auto mains utility failure control module. It includes built in SNMP and features an embedded web server.

The diesel generators will be used to supply back up power to residential premises with upgrades to future proof for smart homes.

Welland Power have many customers in the Middle East, including Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq.

Welland Power are happy to discuss your required specification and offer expert advice to satisfy your power requirements.


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