New Welland Power Nameplates Including QR Code

New Welland Power Nameplates Including QR Code

Welland Power is pleased to announce an exciting development that will be implemented on all newly produced Welland power Diesel generators. The Name Plates will be a reliable proof of authentic Welland Power products. Each name plate will carry not only the model of the machine but Serial numbers, build list, power outputs and engine and alternator origin.

Every single Diesel Generator that Welland Power manufactures will now be dispatched with the new Nameplate. They will be a significant upgrade from the previous laminated stickers that were issued before. The plate will not wear down or deteriorate and is much more difficult to remove or copy.

As Welland Power has grown the number of impersonation and fake machines that have entered the market pretending to be genuine Welland Power products has become a real problem.

Unfortunately there have been an increasing number of copies of the Welland Power machines and even instances of Alternators and Engines being labelled as Welland Power branded. These are completely non genuine fakes that not only damage the Welland Power brand but also means many end users have experienced vastly inferior products to what they were expecting. The introduction of the new Name Plates and the On line authentication service is very much at the forefront of the company's endeavours to combat fakery.

Each Nameplate is now a laser engraved Aluminium Nameplate which will be much harder for any one else to fake. Most importantly however is the inclusion of  an interactive QR Code. Using any smart phone that is QR enabled, a customer or end user can authenticate the machine and download all the relevent build data and test reports that will match all the codes not only on the Name Plate but also the engine and alternator themselves. This QR Code will give you access to the Welland Power Portal and all details of that Diesel Generator although the details can also be entered manually into the Welland Power portal at the following web address:

This enables each customer to check the authenticity of each Diesel Generator.  The Welland Power test certificate is also available along with other key information. 

Since the installation of the Business One SAP system in 2015, Welland Power has been able to hold record and build lists for every machine that has been introduced and built. As such we can validate and authenticate any machine. If you are concerned as to whether you have a genuine Welland Power UK Built diesel generator please contact Welland Power on:

As each Nameplate is engraved on Aluminium and riveted to the Diesel Generator, the details will not fade away and the Nameplate will not peel off the Diesel Generator. If any machine does not have the plate then the chances are it is not genuine.

This is another investment in the quality of our products that will be beneficial to all of our customers around the world.

Managing Director Charlie Farrow said ' It is a great frustration that people copy and create fake Welland Power products. It undermines the hard work of everyone here at the factory and our dealers in country. We are determined to ensure that our products can be traced as authentic Welland Power Diesel Generators whether they are with their first or tenth owner. We welcome any enquiry from anyone wishing to enquire about the validity of their genset and anyone found to be selling an illegal copy will be prosecuted by ourselves wherever possible. I am very happy that the new Name Plates will help to ensure our customers are confident that they have a genuine product. We build the finest quality product and that is what anyone buying Welland Power expects.'


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